On Blogging

I don’t tink i ever owned a blog or even thought about creating one before starting my classes with Ken. What i thought was “A blog? what for?”. After starting to do it i understood, it was supposed to be like a diary of my learning during the course and even after understanding that and realizing it was useful to go back to refresh the memory and not having to address a subject from nothing like the beginning, you have right here what you learned back then written on a way you understand it and focused only on the things you thought useful when you learned in the past.

Despite all this i still didn’t feel like writting blogs, that’s not my way of learning, and about remembering things, maybe when you want to refresh the memory is better to look at it form the beggining, that way you can even find out some things you missed the first time you researched the subject.

I’m not pro nor anti blogger, i think i’m in a neutral position that when i do it i can find value in it and when i don’t i dont feel like im wasting a chance to do it.

Also, blogs are said to be useful to put out there something with your name out there for several purposes. About this, i’m not sure im too confortable sharing my thought to literally anyone that can access the internet, it’s kind of scary. Besides, if i saw¿y something wrong or do a terrible job then i’m staining “my good name on the internet”.

As a conclusin of this messy blog all i can say is that i remain completely neutral in the matter 🙂

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